“When Jake and I were looking for a wedding photographer, we chose Kristi because we loved seeing how she captures those sweet ‘behind the scenes’ moments that truly reflect the wedding day–not just ‘staged’ portraits. We also were attracted to the full colors that she keeps in her photos and her edits are natural looking. We had originally planned not to have engagement photo shoot but with Kristi’s encouragement we decided to do it–and I’m SO glad we did! When we got to the park we’d decided on, Kristi had already scouted a great location with an artistic eye and had a variety of great poses and framed spots ready. She was also flexible so that if we saw any pictures we wanted she was quick to capture them–she even let us climb a tree together which has become one of our favorite pics! We’d recommend Kristi with 5 plus stars!” – Laurie T. | Indianapolis, Indiana


“My family had a wonderful experience with Kristi during our Mini Session. I was blown away by her ability to connect with my 2-year-old son. Her bright and kindhearted demeanor made his charming personality shine. I often worry whether or not he, as a small child, will show his best self during seasonal mini sessions. Working with Kristi was the best experience thus far! I appreciated her attention to detail and desire
 to capture the best picture possible. The mini session was a blast! AND THEN THE PHOTOS ARRIVED!!!! I am still amazed by Kristi’s artistic talent. Her ability to capture natural light is impeccable. Moreover, the value and quality of her photos for the cost cannot be beat. Our family photos will be treasured for generations to come. Kristi, thank you capturing the love and happiness between my son, our dog, and I. – Jasmine G.  


“Kristi is very fun and professional! If you tell her what you want she goes above and beyond! She knows how to get a real smile and real expressions out of you! My favorite thing about Kristi’s photos is they tell a story. She knows how to capture real-life moments. Thank You, Kristi! I look forward to many more sessions with you!” – Stacey W.


“Thanks to my multitude of counselors, I went against my spendthrift inclinations and hired a professional photographer. As it turned out, hiring Kristi was the best wedding planning decision I made. The photos were high quality, yes. But it was everything that Kristi did in addition to taking beautiful photos that made her an invaluable part of my wedding.

Kristi’s involvement began weeks in advance of the wedding. When I filled out the photography contract, I wasn’t just giving her a date, time, and location. I was answering detailed questions about my wedding: what my goals were for the day, what moments would be the most important to me, how I met Matthew, what our common interests were. This thorough questionnaire showed that Kristi would be tailoring her work to our unique quirks. I was able to set aside any fears of receiving a generic, girly wedding album: Kristi wanted to know up front that my wedding focus was on fun, not romance; on children playing, not beautiful decorations; on snails, not hearts. We later had a face-to-face meeting where she made sure she understood both my desired shot list and the schedule for the entire wedding day. During that meeting, she was supportive, professional, and generally amazing. She set me completely at ease, and made it clear that I could rely on her to do a great job.

On the wedding day itself, it was clear that I had underestimated Kristi again. She didn’t do a great job, she did a jaw-dropping job! Not only was she working hard the entire day to get the best possible shots, she was helping the day itself happen. Kristi is not “just” a wedding photographer; she effortlessly doubles as a wedding coordinator and bride-stress-reducer, while never getting in anyone’s way. Having studied the master schedule, she knew who was supposed to be where and when, and she ran messages for me when I couldn’t find my own coordinator, taking flawless pictures the whole time. With her wealth of wedding experience, she was able to problem-solve before problems happened. She helped the entire day flow exactly as I’d described it to her. I’m still not “into” pictures, but as I look through our wedding album, I’m glad that I asked Kristi to create this masterpiece that memorializes that once-in-a-lifetime day. She was worth every dollar.” – Rebecca G.


“Kristi has been taking our annual family photos for years and she is truly the best fit for our family. She is so patient with our busy, hard to photo boys and somehow always give us amazing shots. There is a Kristi Michelle Photography print hanging in every room of my house! We are so thankful that she captures the moments we want to remember for years to come. She is so cheerful and kind and quick with responding to messages. She takes beautiful pictures and is truly talented! We will be going to her for years to come!” – Kelsey H.


“Can’t begin to say enough wonderful things about Kristi! We first used Kristi for our wedding, and she did a fantastic job! She went with the flow of how the day was going and was very willing to change any direction. Fast forward, she has taken our family photos many times when we are in town. It is like no time has passed every time we see her. Little did we know, that our wedding photographer would become such a wonderful family friend. We couldn’t be more thankful for her! Kristi’s photos are such a treasure; she captures the little things you always want to remember. Her demeanor is sweet and professional. She puts you at ease every time. We always look forward to seeing Kristi!” – Ashley B.


“I have received many compliments from family and friends who have seen pictures online as well as watched you at the wedding, they stated how excellent they thought your pictures were as well as your overall presence at the wedding. I couldn’t agree more!” – Olivia D.